Saturday, September 15, 2012

Addressing the State of the Union

Comment from facebook via HHD.  Matthew Mallon ~
To all those Americans who hate weird it must be to hate a President that finally doesn't make the rest of the world hate America? Hmmmm.
Well who would I be if I didnt have an opinion?  So here is my response. First, let me say this... Why am I posting this on my blog?...  I know I am going to get someone who is going to come back with some stupid comment that more than likely sites no specific example or fact,  only calls Obama, the Democrats, or me, all kinds of derogatory names, but that is probably based on some piece of media interpretation from a completely biased source, like Fox News...?  
This isn’t just one vote, it’s  whole states full of people. The sad thing is they are fighting for their right to judge another person based on sexual orientation, stem cell research, or the right to choose, or some other issue that frankly, is NO ONE’s business. I mean, I don’t tell you how to live, so don’t feel like you have that right either. And government (remember the one you want smaller) certainly doesn’t have the right to tell me, whether or not I can take advantage of stem cell research, or my right to make a decision based on MY choice.. I mean, I certainly don’t wanna know when you cheat, lie, and scheme, party all week and then attend church, have sex outside of marriage, or cheat on your taxes even… all that is your decision… private to you and only you. 
IMO I think your insulation into my right to choose based on your judgment is just as bad of sins as what you claim abortion or gay marriage would be. I mean, if you think it’s an abomination against God, then by all means. Let God deal with them and you stay out of it.
Oh wait... isn't judgment a sin? Hmmm, I guess we all need to get a sin meter so we can see which sins have lesser or greater value, like scheming people out of their savings, throwing bombs at an abortion clinics, or even blocking their passageway. Now we watch members of the Republican party (not all, but a nice number) destroy the US’s economic balance.
I believe it says in the Bible that you shall not judge. Shall I get you these Scriptures? OK, Luke 6:37, Do not judge lest you be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven. Hmm, that is an interested statement. If you do not forgive another person, then you will not be forgiven. So does that mean that even though you have accepted Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior, his dying on the cross is not yours if you judge, condemn, and not forgive others? Or do you think God means it a different way and it’s ok to judge, condemn, and not forgive others because you are saved?  I will be really curious to see how that works for you at the Pearly Gates… because I think every time you open your mouths on these issues, that’s exactly what you are doing… Who died and left you, well, God?
What’s sad to me is we are at war here in the US… a war with each other, the Republicans and the Democrats, especially right now. We started this four years ago when we elected President Obama… a black man. The war against the black man continues, as it has every day for the past three years while we have had a black man in office. Now its ok to lie, defame, denounce our President when we should be praying for him and the United States. But some feel it’s best to call him names and belittle him, and make up lies to make others believe that he is a bad man. Well he isn’t. He is a very smart man who has struggled, altho he wont admit it, to do the best that he can for the United States, even though his presidency has been likened to a salmon trying to swim up river to lay eggs.  And now the United States economic solvency is based on the account that people are bottom line, prejudice…  of the man's skin color, instead of validating his kindness and compassion, his strength and his intelligence, his basic need to do the very best job that he can… considering.
Guess what, that Black man is already leaps and bounds smarter than many of you who call him names, constantly slander him, trying to impeach him based on his birth, which was just another attempt to remove him from office.  I guess that makes them  a little nervous? LOL
So then here came the game plan that was to stop the inner workings of the oval office as Congress and the House members decided not to vote on Congressional matters sent from the White House Administration…  Honestly, I didn’t believe it until I read it, and then I started to think back over the past two years… and by golly, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes… Congress blocked eny effort to pass the bills on the floor regarding finance, Medicare and insurance, police, fire, children’s education. Everything has been blocked by members of the Republican party. (which will lovingly be known as Repube’s from here on in.)  And the Repube’s did this on the taxpayer’s dime at that...  I don’t know what country you came from but in my eyes, I believe that is called Treason, a scheming, and grand larceny, all rolled into one… and all under the eyes of the American people because the media feeds us BS and we eat it up … like friggen’ Pacman...  nyump, nyump, nyump.

All of these men should be fired immediately and then arrested for exactly that… Treason. That’s Treason, with a capital ‘T’ folks.  Scheming against the people so that every effort of the President would be thwarted. So that no matter what he tried to do, it was blocked. Well Treason in the United States is illegal, and punishable what I wish is Life in prison without parole but we all know IF that ever happened, it would be 3 years in a country club type of prison where they are released with a new book and an up and coming book and late night television tour, beginning with good ole Dave.

The Repube’s think that they are above the law. And they almost got away with it too. After all, Bush LIED and took this country into war that we couldn’t afford  over an issue that didn’t even involve the country who was guilty, so he could go after a country that held precious stock (and the financial future of his family and friends who were all friends of the Bin Ladens, after all George did go to college with them) but hey, they had to protect their interests in OIL, even at the risk of bankrupting this country, but hey.. no harm, no foul. Clinton has sex with an Intern, which is NOT EVEN AN OFFENSE HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH US AFFAIRS, and Repube’s called for his immediate resignation. PL-ease. I am so over this bullshit.

Wake up people. It’s time to stop living in denial.  

I guess I can’t be so general that I lump everyone in this group because I do really think that the awakening of the American people is already happening. People are starting to see that Congress did actually what they set out to do… block every one of Obama’s initiatives that went thru Congress (except Obamacare bcuz of course they needed something to hang him on) as they planned to do on January 20, 1999, at the same time Obama was being sworn into office.

BUZZZZZZZZ the alarm clock is going off. Time to wake up!