Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Faith~ by Morgana Reeves

unknown photographer but Thank You~
A little Faith, even the size of a tiny mustard seed, can bring infinite change.
Faith brings growth, from the old, decaying, and dying… 

Faith offers us new life, filled with love, prosperity, peace, and joy. 

Faith cannot prevent difficult things from happening to us...  

But there is no light at the end of the tunnel without Faith, only a path that seems endless, and often daunting… 

Faith makes going through these times bearable!  

With Faith, acceptance is possible and forgiveness is probable. 

Faith is what makes our dreams become part of our everyday reality, as reality sprouts from the seeds of those dreams.  

Faith… a little goes a long way, lighting the darkness, as it becomes the foundation of everything we hold possible, and dear to us.  

Faith is cherishing what is sacred, while believing in the unseen.

Even though we can’t see Faith, Faith is an eternal compass that maps out our direction, so we are never lost.

With Faith, we are never alone, as we are held by the tender loving arms of our angels.

Faith is the only thing that even when lost, is still firmly nestled in the hearts of others… whose Faith can hold us up, even when we are unable to.

When we are lost or found, up or down, happy, or full of remorse, or regret… Faith will and always be, as tiny as a mustard, and as big as the heart that believes.

                  Happy Holidays~
                  xoxo Morgana Reeves
copyrights © 12/24/2012